Our Mission


To promote a safe Internet and better educate and protect all users, especially children, teens and the elderly, from Internet corruption, crime, and abuse.


  • Elevate Internet safety as a priority and increase public awareness of Internet opportunities and threats;
  • Foster broad private/public sector support for a safe Internet;
  • Promote safe Internet education and training for: users, families, teachers, law enforcement, software developers, companies, and organizations;
  • Empower users with choices and tools to increase their positive experiences online while better protecting themselves from harm; and
  • Advance an Internet ethic of respect and accountability online.


  • The Internet will only deliver on its promise of reinventing the way we work and live, when it is a place where people can feel safe and secure.
  • Internet users are overwhelmingly law-abiding and expect cyber-criminals and bad actors to be held accountable for their actions in order to keep the Internet from being a lawless unsafe place.
  • The lack of Internet accountability and deterrence fosters corruption and threatens everyone’s online experience.
  • Internet safety requires engagement by individuals, families, schools, software companies, law enforcement, and organizations, and must include education, building safer online infrastructure, and increasing enforcement against bad actors.
  • The best approach to Internet safety is harnessing the Internet’s user-choice model, where users and parents have the freedom to choose what they personally want from the Internet.
  • Encouraging the Internet’s facility for community, collaboration, and innovation provides the best opportunity to develop, promote, and encourage swift adoptions of Internet safety, security and privacy solutions.

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