Offensive Content

An employee at the Manila office of TaskUs, a company that works with American companies such as Facebook and Twitter to protect their users from offensive content. Photo courtesy of

Offensive content is defined as any content that makes you feel uncomfortable or upset. These days the internet is full of such content. There are a number of forms it can take, but either way it is sadly widespread and difficult to control. The best prevention is awareness. Being aware of the major forms of offensive content and knowing how to keep them away from you and your children is very important. There are a number of things you can do to protect yourself and your family such as placing blocks on your browser to prevent access to certain content or installing blocking software for added security. Have a look at the sections below for more information on the various forms of offensive content and how to avoid them.

Revenge Porn – This type of content is not only offensive but also very hurtful and can ruin lives and reputations. Revenge porn is the dissemination of topless or nude photos of someone without their consent in an attempt to intentionally hurt or harass that person. So many people fall victim to this tragic misuse of the internet, and you need to know how to prevent it and how to get help if you’ve already been victimized. Have a look at this section for more information.

Violent Content – This type of content is just as its name implies. Any depiction of graphic or disturbing violence on the internet will fall into this category. This type of content is rather subjective. Everyone has different levels of what they consider to be offensive, and that is mostly true of this type of content. Many people play violent video games or watch violent or gory movies and never feel bothered, but regardless of your threshold, you need to know how to avoid content that would be too violent for you or your family. Have a look at this section to learn more.

Discriminatory Content – This type of content takes several forms. Discrimination can be religious, racial, based on sexual orientation, or even based on gender. Regardless of the specific kind of discrimination, these types of blogs, posts, videos, etc are hurtful and in many cases dangerous. You need to be careful to avoid content of this kind whether it applies to you or not, and you need to know how to report online discrimination to the proper website admin or other proper authorities so that it can be promptly removed. Have a look at this section to find out more.

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