Internet Equality

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is at the center of the battle for internet equality. He and the rest of the FCC are trying to find a good solution, but thus far none of their rules have quite measured up to what people think they should be. Photo courtesy of

Internet Equality is a big issue these days, especially with all the press coverage of the Verizon court case and the new FCC regulations that were just approved in May. The internet has been an open road for communication for years, and no one wants that to change. Still there has been an ongoing debate about it because people worry that internet providers will start contouring their services to limit access to certain things. Internet service is already costly, especially if you want to have higher speeds. People fear that internet companies will start picking a choosing what their customers can access and slowing certain sites to a crawl unless additional premium fees are charged. Also, there are fears that internet access will be made more difficult for people with lower incomes. Have a look at the below section for more information on both of these concerns.

Net Neutrality – What is Net Neutrality and what does it mean for you? It can mean the difference between open access and heavy internet restrictions. It’s important to know the facts and to know how you will be affected. Have a look at this section to find out and to learn how you can show your support for this cause.

Access for All – What it the effect of internet access being denied to certain families? Some poorer households cannot afford to provide their families with internet access. This means their children won’t have the same experience with the internet and technology as other kids. Will this ultimately hold them back? Have a look at this section for the answer and to find out more about this significant issue.


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