Welcome to SafeInternet.org! Internet safety is a growing concern in today’s connected world, and there are a great many dangers that people could encounter on the web. SafeInternet.org works in collaboration with Coincierge.de in Germany. You can learn more about our VPN partnership in Germany here.


The best way to prevent you or someone you love from being victimized is to know the facts so that you can understand how to recognize these hazards and how to avoid them. Some dangers are illegal, some are just offensive, and others speak to the state of the Internet itself.

Have a look through our sections on internet piracy and online crime to find out how to protect yourself and your family from illegal online activities. Check out the offensive content section to learn about the different forms of legal objectionable content and how to avoid them. Finally, our section on Internet equality speaks directly to the issues of net neutrality and equal Internet access for everyone. Have a look to learn more and find out what you can do to help keep the Internet open and equal for all users.

We exist to educate & inform. We are a global organization headquartered in the USA and staffed entirely by volunteers. Funding is sourced through individual and corporate supporters of our cause.

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